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Một Sứ Mạng, Nhiều Bài Thơ: Vì Dân, For Our People, Et Pour Son Peuple

08 Tháng Mười Hai 201112:00 SA(Xem: 882)
Một Sứ Mạng, Nhiều Bài Thơ: Vì Dân, For Our People, Et Pour Son Peuple


tặng huỳnh thục vy
và người dân Việt đang tìm tự do

vì dân trong nước đoạ đày
nên em thân hạc cánh gầy phong ba
rẽ đêm thắp lửa sơn hà
ba kỳ khởi nghĩa một nhà tình thương

tay không tâm nguyện phi thường
nối dòng tư tưởng đông phương mở hồn
luật thiêng nhân nghĩa vuông tròn
dân ta làm chủ rừng còn đất yêu

chí nhân đại nghĩa muôn chiều
lời văn khí tiết trăm điều thơm tho
công bằng pháp trị tự do
an toàn không chọn còn lo cho người

vì dân hay cả ý trời
diệu vy sóng gió một đời anh thư
bút nghiêm gạch bỏ nghịch thù
nay mai sáng toả xuân thu tuyệt vời

Lưu Nguyễn Đạt
14 November 2011

For Our People

Dedicated to Huỳnh Thục Vy
& to all Vietnamese struggling for Freedom

Because our people are living in slavery
you, despite your crane-like frailty,
braved the elements and lit the fires of uprising
throughout the land in the name of love and solidarity.

Starting with nothing you are are performing deeds extraordinary,
opening hearts and minds to the lineage of Oriental thoughts,
to the sacred rules of righteousness and benevolence,
and to the idea that the people are the true owners of the land.

You possess great will and boundless duty.
Your words reflect a mighty sense of purpose
and a concern for justice, rule of law, and liberty,
and not a slightest worry about your own safety.

Your selfless dedication to our people exceeds the will of Heaven;
Your stormy life as a heroine is truly a marvel;
Your pen is crushing the hated foe;
Your words shine through the ages.

Translated by Roberto Wissai/ NKBá
15 November 2011


dédié à huỳnh thục vy
& à tous les vietnamiens en quête de liberté

et son peuple de s’immoler aux souffrances
et ses ailes graciles de braver les tempêtes
flambant de feu sacré la nation obscure
et réveillant le peuple en une famille d’amour

et de ses mains nues et par son courage fabuleux
elle renoue la pensée ancestrale qui s’ouvre
à la justice humaine et naturelle
pour que son peuple recouvre la terre natale et ses forêts usurpées

et pour la grande cause multiple
ses paroles de revendication légitime
purifient la liberté pour tous
et quant à son prochain elle oublie sa propre sécurité

et pour son peuple et pour la justice divine
elle assume héroïquement sa condition humaine
et tout en disperçant les imperfections haineuses
sa plume annonce le matin printanier au sein même de l’automne

Adaptation poétique par Lưu Nguyễn Đạt
December 2, 2011


An Ode to Huỳnh Thục Vy
Dedicated to all Vietnamese struggling for Freedom

For your tormented people in the big jail
You brave storm, you brave gale
So frail yet you stand so tall
‘Cause you defy it all.

The nation’s as dark as in a mine
You kindle a fire to make it shine
To wake people up from their stupor
And to rise up as a family of love.

You’ve got just bare hands
But your will is inordinately grand
You’re opening up your mind
To follow in our ancestors’ line.

Sacred is the law of human decency
For us to enforce territory integrity
We demand our rights as duly landlords
Of archipelagos and forests that we lost.

You fight for a great, great cause
Of gargantuan magnitude without pause
Your sense of upright benevolent deliverer
Laid up in prose of sweet, sweet lavender.

Justice, rule of law, and liberty
Are things you seek in honesty
For the people other than You
Above all, ignoring the safety of yours.

For our people
or God’s willing toll
Our marvelous Vy just survives
A tempestuous true heroine’s life…

Poetic adaptation by Chu Việt
December 3, 2011
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